Corrugated boxes which are known as cardboard boxes are industrially pronounced as cartons, and they are widely used as a packaging material. If you want to move some goods, whether its commercial or personal, corrugated boxes are inevitable like Fibona Exim, which is the best corrugated box manufacturers in India. The major benefits are,

Very Light in Weight :

Lightness is the main advantage of choosing corrugated boxes for shipping goods. So, they can be easily carried, shipped and transported.

Strong and stiff :

They are durable and strong according to their GSM. So, it is rare that the packaged items will get damaged during transportation, which has structural rigidity and fine comfort ability which makes them strong. They have good burst, tear, and tensile strength which makes them a perfect option for long distance shipping.

Malleability :

These boxes can be hammered and re-shaped quickly. Thus, the packaging industrialists find it easy to create a wide range of corrugated boxes that vary in shape, size, and also custom printed for all kind of packaging like Food, Garments, Electronics, Pharma etc. Many manufacturing companies like Fibona Exim, one of the best corrugated box manufacturers in India offers custom corrugated box packaging worldwide.


It’s one of the main benefits of selecting these boxes for shipment packaging. Mostly, they are purchased in bulk which makes them very cheap like Corrugated boxes.

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