Corrugated boxes are mainly used for goods and material packaging industry like Fast Food industry, FMCG industry, Fruits and vegetables packaging, Pharmaceutical industry, Electronics and Garments. They are also known as carton boxes. The term cardboard defines heavy paper-type materials such as paperboard, card stock and corrugated fiberboard.

It has been more than one and a half centuries since peoples are using Corrugated boxes for packaging. Best Corrugated box manufacturers like Fibona Exim can help you fulfill your packaging needs and requirements. The usage of non-recyclable goods is decreasing gradually and manufacturers are focusing on Eco-friendly packaging which is available in Fibona Exim. Businesses and individuals are becoming aware of their responsibilities towards nature and thus they are approaching to Eco-friendly packaging.

For best packaging and at the same time without harming the environment we can fulfill the packaging requirements, by using cartons that can be recycled easily. Cardboard cartons are made up of 100% recyclable material. Eco-friendly production and packaging is booming the global market. Fibona’s Corrugated boxes are widely used for safe, scratch and quick shifting of goods, whether for business, or personal needs, they are an inevitable choice.

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